June 2, 2020

Benefits Of Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes.



Our delicate ultra-soft make-up remover wipes kill bacteria and effectively dissolve 99.3% of the toughest makeup, even waterproof mascara, for clean, fresh skin in one easy step.

They leave the skin completely clean and without heavy residue, so there is no need to rinse! Plus, they’re delicate enough to wear around the sensitive eye area, even if you wear contact lenses.


Neutrogena Remover Remover Makeup Remover Wipes, Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes, Non-Alcoholic, Value Value Pack, 25 pcs, 2 pcs.

Spare Unit Packaging
Ultra-soft fabric
The patented formula dissolves all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara
Patent pending
Verified by ophthalmologists
Dermatologically tested
Allergen tested
Delicate, ultra-soft fabric provides excellent cleansing and makeup removal.

Gently and effectively dissolves all residues of dirt, oil, and makeup in a few seconds.

After use, your skin is very well cleaned, nothing remains on it, so there is no need to rinse with water.
Use daily for cleansing, refreshing, and cleansing the skin with just one simple action.

Gentle enough, can be used on the sensitive area around the eyes, even for those who wear contact lenses.

Recommendations for use
Gently wipe your face with a tissue, removing dirt and makeup residue from your face and eyes. There is no need to rinse with water. Throw the napkins only in the trash (do not flush into the toilet). After you remove the napkin, close the packaging tightly again. When storing in a handbag, the lid must be fixed.

Other ingredients
Water, cetyl-ethyl hexanoate, iso stearyl palmitate, pentaerythrityl-tetra hexanoate, isonion isono nanoate, Cyclopentasiloxane, hexylene glycol, PEG-4 laurate, caprylic/capric glycerides PEG-6, sucrose co-carbomethoxy benzoic acid, carbomer benzoic acid, sodium benzoic acid, carbomethoxy benzoate, hydroxybenzoic acid )

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